2002-08-03, 4:20 p.m.,

A lazy Saturday, It's so nice to actually have one after how busy we were last weekend. Last night we go out to this super insanely posh restaurant in the city where we like to go once in awhile when we feel like pretending we're obscenely wealthy and order bottles of wine and eat food that looks like it's been photographed for high culinary art books. The kind of place that literally makes $30 cosmopolitans beautifully. We read the menu last night and would ask each other what in the world is crostini? Didnt know, but it sounded amazing....So last night we had this incrdible dinner with wine and seared scallops, sun dried tomatos and prawns cooked in olive and asparagus oil, tiramisu with espresso sorbet, then raisin desert wine. Needless to say it was a good thing we cabbed it to the place, because both of us were quite drunk...and to think I bought a bottle of Shiraz on my lunch break thinking we'd need it last night.

In the cab on the way home this little asian man was quietly driving and casually looking back at us in the mirror as maxie slid down into the seat and put her head on my lap and we whispered our quiet intoxicated conversations home. When the evening came to an absolutely exhausting end in the wee hours of the a.m. we both admitted to falling into the heaviest sleep we've had in a long time.

This morning we packed up a picnic lunch to take to the Royal National Park where all the forest fires were this summer. The place is apparently burnt to a crisp and I was eager to take photos... only when we arrived, yup, big sign "No Dogs Allowed" so around we turned, puppy in the back seat and drove to the beach where we had a picnic vowing to return to the park pupp-less. Not next weekend though, next weekend we've rented this one bedroom cabin on the bay with this giant spa thats placed in front of a huge glass window.....mmmmmm... I really miss spas, I'm looking forward to our weekend away for the spa alone.

Came home from the beach today and opened all the windows (it's become spring finally) and let the cool sunshiney air into the house, we curled up in bed and fell asleep for an hour or so. Saturday naps with open windows, is anything better?

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