2002-08-04, 11:34 p.m.,

we went into Manly today to see the guest house we're renting out for our ceremony. It's really quite beautiful, so quaint really. The kind of home I'm love to own when I'm older, lots of antiques and old musical instruments lying around, a beautiful piano in the sitting room, quite lovely. It's in a town called Manly (yeah I know, we had a good laugh over the irony of a lesbian wedding taking place in a town called Manly.)The town is nearby Sydney and mostly accessible by ferry. It's more or less a little surrounded by water, but not quite its own island. Although from the front of the guest house you can look down both sides of the street and see water (which i thought was quite charming.) We arrived and the woman showed us around and finally says to us "so which of you is the one getting married?" I had been emailing her about our situation and how we wanted to rent out the place, asked if it would be a hassle to have 20 guests there, etc...and very specifically (or so I thought) made it clear it was a commitment ceremony for maxie and I. Anyway, we said to her it was for our wedding and suddenly it all made sense to her. I think she was a bit emabrrassed for herself for not realizing. I'm sure she doesnt have a problem with it. SHe then explained that she thought one of us was the bride or we were both bridesmaids setting it all up. Weird.

The house is quite lovely though, it has a garden, a veranda, two bedroom with wrought iron bed and mosquito netting, its just amazingly cozy. I can't wait.

And we finally bought our rings last weekend as well, they match the ones we wear now, and they look really nice. Simpler than the ones we have now, but they go as a set. The artist that did them just happen to do ones that matched our the day we went to see what he had made. We really couldnt have planned it to work any better.....

So yeah, now we got to work on the invites, food, what to wear, booking the JP, decorations, etc. etc.

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