2002-08-12, 9:44 p.m.,

It's absolutely unreal how busy we've been.

The weekend away was absolutely perfect. This little cabin we stayed in was so adorable, it basically was completely open except for a small bath with a dual shower (the shower itself was the size of our bathroom now) then there was a huge spa bath that was in front of the huge picture glass windows with a view of the verandah that went into the woods behind us. Teh spa was incredible, huge. I'm five foot three and easily stretched my entire body out and still couldnt touch the other side. So deep I could float as if in a pool, so wide maxine and I could sit on the sides facing each each other rather than end to end and still have been comfy. Complete luxury. We went through bottles and bottles of red wine (which we drank in the bath.)

Now we're home and back to the grind of it all. We attended the meeting session for my visa tonight (our second appointment) this one is a bit less joyful. Looks like my aplication is going to have to get pushed back a bit (liek 2 months) It's so frustrating how many hoops you have to jump through to just be able to stay here longer than 3 months. It's so ungodly expensive and frustrating and you can sit there with this guy, looking at the other couples in the session, doing the very same thing you are and in a way you can just tell which ones are going to make it through, which ones have the stamina for it all. So we just take a deep breath, shake it off and get back int he game.....

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