2002-08-15, 9:36 a.m.,

The ins and outs of my life. Yesterday when i returned to the shared laundry to pick up our clothes, I noticed that the badly rusted doorknob had come off and was lying on the concrete, mocking me and our clothing trapped inside now for 2 days. The locksmith is coming today to free not only ours, but the neighbors clothing as well. It's an obscenely old lock; one with a skeleton key.

Anyway, last night the wind was unreal, all we could hear what the scarpping of the tree branches against our flat. Super Creepy, and it was freaking the dog out and he kept standing at our door whining and barking, so to make him feel safer, we opened our bedroom door to let him freely walk between our room and the rest of our house. This morning, as maxine got up in the wee hours of the am, I heard her telling "ned" that he had to go back out into the living room. (because he was curled up sleeping on her pyjamas instead of on his blanket in his dogbed. It made me smile, lying there, thinking of how much i felt like we were parents taking a small child back to their room because it wanted to sleep with us for the evening. When Maxie came back to bed and I asked her if the dog was back int he living room she simply said "yes, he was sleeping on my pyjamas." Terribly precious...

Still no word on my kittie....it's time to assume the worst.

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