2002-08-22, 5:25 p.m.,

I thought i would be brave and laugh in the face of maxine's terrible cold so that i could take care of her. I mean if i'm going to get her cold, the damage is already done, its basically impossible to keep our germs away from each other. (those social little germs) so I thought i'd be brave and this morning, i wake up, yup...with her cold. Itchy throat, eyes, my head feels really heavy, sneezey....bah. Oh well. I'm loading up on lots of vitamins hoping i can kick it before it really goes full fledged.

Looks like we're off to Vanuatu. Flighte is booked, hotel is booked. Where you say? Why I hadn't heard of the place either, but it's a tiny little island in the south pacific owned by french polynesia. Unless..... unless Vanuatu is a made up island that really doesnt exist and the travel agents make it out to be some nice place that they sell tickets to this tropical island and people go there and never return. Maybe they're killed by head hunters, sacrificed into volcanos... come to think of it, I don't know anyone who's ever been to vanuatu......... Now i'm convinced. The tourism webpage: www.vanuatu.net.vu is a fake, i search for it, found the link and the page is black. Completely black and forboding. Also, i just read it has the world's most accessible volcano. Now I'm convinced we'll be thrown in by tribespeople. So I've got only 2 months to live until my doom at the pit of an active volcano, and i've so much to do....

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