2002-08-24, 9:55 a.m.,

My girlfriend, my girlfriend....I have a girlfriend, don't I? I vaguely remember a warm body sliding out of bed in the mornings with a kiss -vaguely remember bumping into and leaving a kiss with a tall blond girl on my way to work in the evening. The past week has been so crazy with the two of us coming and going and being so busy, we've barely been able to spend time together.

My head just keeps getting heavier and I'm hearing voices. Think thats a bad sign? either my house is haunted or i'm going crazy. This morning I decided to sleep in a bit (or at least try to) so I'd feel better at work this afternoon with this bloody cold. But as i'm drifting in and out of that half-awake half-asleep stage, I swear twice I heard a woman's voice say something to me. one of which was that the house was on fire and asking me if i could smell smoke. So immediately i dart awake trying to sniff the air with a stuffed up nose, convinced i'm going to die of smoke inhalation. I can't explain it. It freaked me out enough to keep me from sleeping in. I couldn't breathe anyway, damn cold.

We both have the day off on Sunday (finally) it seems so rare that we both get days off at the same time. I'm really looking forward to just doing nothing with her. Just staying home and being us for a day.....

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