2002-08-26, 9:19 p.m.,

why does no one post in their diaries anymore??? there's never anything to read when i come here. Bah!

Weird news today, got an email from anie in which she chats to me about her having an abortion awhile back..... (information I never knew) and i'm really upset that she does this. Keeps information from me about her life, huge things and then waits for awhile and just drops it like its no big deal and acts like i've always known. She does this particularly when it comes to her and other guys. I literally just found out less than 20 minutes ago and i'm still muling over my feeligns about it. most i think i'm really heartbroken about it, why she wouldnt tell me. Did she think i'd be upset with her?? I just feel like after Amsterdam I've suddenly been cheated out of being her confidante or even her freind in many cases....... dunno, still got a lot to think about on this one.

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