2002-09-05, 11:42 a.m.,

So many things to say. I went to my orientation at the childrens hospital and i really see myself enjoying it so much.

So here's my issues....I'm so terrible when it comes for shopping for clothes for myslef in that I always want the clothes that I can't possibly have. Let me explain: For months I've been searching for a new swimsuit. The one i have is by far my favourite and i love the thing, but its really getting very old and looking quite patheic, so Vanuatu is coming up and we'll be literally staying in a hut on the beach for a week and a swimsuit is necessary. So off i got hunting and hunting looking for one i like. (This is not only traumatic when trying them on, but painfully impossible to find one that doesn't have a god-awful floral or hawaiin print. So lo and behold last weekend maxie and i wandered into this retro 60-70's thrift store and there it was, the suimsuit i absolutely had to have. It was the right color, the right style, the same cut as my old one....perfect.. The trouble? Well, i'm having some sanitary issues with buying a swin suit from a thrift store. It's kind like buying undies from a thrift shop, its just too close to "ick" for me.... So i walked away, leaving it there. The perfect swimsuit.

Today I went in and tried on this dress that i've discovered to be perfect for our ceremony. A beautiful color, and in the style of those old silk slips from the 40's that i love to sleep in. Everythign about it was perfect, the color, the price, the size. Then I tried it on. I hate pushy sales women, let alone the ones that want to some into the dresssing room and dress you. I just feel like saying "if i wanted to shop with a friend I would have brought one" but thats an entirely different issue. So the dress....ah yes.....the way the fabric was cut (just a few inches below the hipline was kinda in the "V" like pattern and really made my hips look about as wide as the gran canyon.....bah.... so i keep looking.

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