2002-09-17, 9:54 a.m.,

Work work work....feel like thats all I do lately. I can't remember my last day off. And here I am today with 10 minutes before i have to catch the bus to go to, where else? work. There's so many things i want to do lately around the house and with the ceremony and i feel like i'm really falling behind. Grrr... I had this really bizarre dream last night where maxie and I went travelling to this place that was supposed to be at the very bottom of the world and it wasnt on any maps and it was so strange, we were on this bridge and looking out over the water that had all this ice and snow (but it wasnt cold) and there were all these animals in the water i had never seen before. What i remember best are these creatures that were half elephant, but half buffallo, and they had these huge shild-like pieces of well what would be horn around their faces, but they had trunks like elephants and fur, they just looked so pre-historic, dinosaur esque. Then we get back to the hotel where we are staying and a bunch of people from my high school are there and they are putting on this huge play thats about to go on in like 10 minutes when i'm told I have a huge role in the play and they are all pissed off that i don't know my lines. So in 10 minutes i'm trying to learn the lines before i make a total ass of myself onstage. And Abby was there and she and maxie were friends and trying to help me learn these things......but before the play went on, i woke up.......

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