2002-09-19, 10:46 a.m.,

My sister went and had her first of what appears to many a few surgeries to remove the cancer today. I wiah i was allowed to know that she's sick. My mom keeps telling me how she asks my mom ober and over again not to tell anyone. I just want to call her and see how she's feeling, make sure she's ok.

Today I finally have a day off, yay!! Now I get to fill it with exciting things like laundry and errands I've been too busy to do all week long.

When I was living on the reservation in south dakota for a short while I tried learning a bit of Lakota, which is the fiercely dying out language of the Sioux tribe. The weird thing is that there is no tense for the past. Everything is spoken as if it's happening now. Wonder what that says about our concept of time.

Maxie and I were having a similar conversation a few days ago, talking about our trip to Vanuatu and how the natives there don't have a sense of time and i was telling her how the Native's in South Dakota were the same, everything is done and will be done when it's meant to be. No one says "meet you at 7 p.m." they just say "when we're brought together again."

I got an email from Brian yesterday. He said he got this killer job and had to move out of his parents house (finally) to Indiana. So there he is, in Indiana, working this well paying corporate job, waiting until October when he flys back home to pick up his new girlfriend so they can move in together. He must really be growing up....I can't imaging him living with anyone on that level.

Anyway, better, go .... laundry to be done, things to do.

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