2002-09-19, 3:48 p.m.,

I got my haircut and the hairstylist put some colour in it, but its a bit darker than what i would of liked.....although never in my life have i ever walked out of a salon and been happy with the way my hair looks. Maybe i'm to picky and unable to please when it comes to that sort of thing.

I had a bit of a talk with my mom about the upcoming ceremony and although she seems genuinely happy for me, its a bit odd to listen to her carefully choose her words when we talk about maxine and i and the ceremony. I think its all just so new for her that she isnt really sure the "proper" way to respond. She's cute like that.

Yesterday while waiting for the bus to get to work I heard this alarm go off. Sittign there, not really wanting to be distracted from my book, i quickly looked up and realized it was a shop alarm. It's funny how when people hear things like car alarms, etc., no one really pays any attention to them. Regardless, there were about 5 people waiting and no one gave the shop next to us a second look. Not even 2 minutes later a fire brigade shows up and men go running inside. At this point we all kinda begin to look at each other in that "oh, are we in danger here?" kinda look. Just goes to show you how numb we've become to things like that. Anyway, the bus showed, we all went about our way and the buildign was still standing there last evening when i returned home, so i guess it wasn't too bad. Strange.....

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