2002-09-22, 11:17 a.m.,

It's happend. The media and pop culture have invaded my subconscious mind. I just woke from a dream where my sister and i were on this beach we used t frequent as children and i rememebr the tide being really high and the water so clear you could wade out to your waist and see fish swimming. My sister was telling me about his cmpany that builds underwater greenhouses to grow trees in the cities and how excited she was about that. Suddenly all these whales awm into the shore really close, like killer whales, small ones, not the huge ones. It was so unreal. And i tell her to look because there were maybe 30 of them all swimming so close to the edge of the water (at this point we were out of the water sitting on the shoreline.) Suddenly out of nowhere this car drives up from the ocean its a white Hyundai Getz (which coincidently is the billboard i was looking at last night as we drove home.) So the car drives up onto the land looking all glossy and new and this chic in this white kinda plasticy swimwear egts out and casually just walks away from the car as if it's completely normal that a car be driving out of the ocean. I look at my sister and say "let's go, its a stupid commercial." and i wake up. Pop culture has invaded my subconscious.

This dream brought to you by the good folks at Hyundai....

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