2002-09-22, 11:36 p.m.,

I think that both maxie and I missed on out that "lesbian training day" when they taught you about hating girlie things like dresses and such. I mean i'm not really girlie by any standard at all. But when we went out to the club the first thing that maxie's co-worker said to us when she saw us was "you're wearing skirts?" She said "you too must be every man's dream, long hair and skirts...." Hmm... then i told her I own 2 pairs of jeans and wear skirts and dresses nearly every day, she couldn't believe it.

So I do have thiese girly attributes about me, I love my hair long, I've never had it short, the bulk of my clothes are shirts and dresses and i like it that way. I like wearing those old embroided silk slips fromt he 50's with all the ornemental trims on them like the silk straps and all. They are super feminine and really comfy. When did there become this code of "must have cropped hair and NEVER under ANY circumstance wear a dress or jewlerly. It's so strange to me. the group of girls that we went out with went on and on about this strip club for women they go to, basically chics stripping for lezzies and all these girls were telling how lame we were for not going and not really wanting to go. Maybe i've got it all wrong, but cropping my hair, putting on a pair of camo pants and boots and heading out to watch some girl prance around getting her gear off just isnt my style. Guess I missed that day in Lesbian Ed.

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