2002-09-23, 6:48 p.m.,

Finally, access to a diary I've long since been denied. Now I've got so much reading to catch up on.

Poor maxie is sick tonight, all curled up on the sofa wayching telly...poor girl, i feel so bad for her.

This week I actually have 3 days off. assuming one will be filled with children's hospital stuff, on friday (or maybe thursday) I sincerely want to venture back out to this cemetary I've never been in and start taking photos. I need to give myself a swift kick in the ass on this. I wanna start looking for photography book publishers, or maybe I can just self-publish it....hmm...something to consider. I feel like all my creative energy have been drained out of me, I need to read more, i need to get back into doingm y photo work and I really have to rent that damn cello...grr....soon, gwen, soon.

Finally I found a copy of the new Sarah Water's BooK "Fingersmith" She's the chic who wrote the "Tipping the Velvet" book I raved about in here not too long ago. I'm totally obsessed with this woman's books, it's her characters really that i get all caught up with. Maxie read the first two as well and said to me "you know you've found a great author when the books done and you miss the characters." It's true. Now I've got a bit of a Sinefeld situation in that I so badly want to devour this massive book whole, stay up for days and just read every word until they've run out. But She only has published the 3 in the last maybe 4 years and this one just came out less then a month ago.... can i finish this one and then wait indefinately until another is published???

Do you think author's get stalkers or crazed fans in the same way celebrities do? I'd love to track down this woman in London and I dunno....just let her know she has the ability to do this to me with her words....

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