2002-09-24, 7:18 p.m.,

Not too much to say, tomorrow is my first day off of a small string of days off and I have a bunch of little things to do that I'm really excited about getting done, but first....first i have some calls to the states to make (mainly to my mom who i think is a bit down lately about not being here for the wedding and all the crap my sister is going through.) Also I'm thinking of calling another friend who might need some cheering up, I'm certain she'll be surprised to hear from me......

Very briefly talked to my friend Kate on IM late last night and every time i talk to her i just feel like "I'm so glad I never turned out that way. SHe's been completely taken over by a job she hates, has no free time and is going to grad school (which is something she always wanted,) but she's going for something she hates because her company is paying for it.....i mean...why waste your life like that? She's so miserable and just talks to me about work travel and conference calls and clients. She's barely recognizable as the girl I once had so much fun with...it's really sad. I'm so thankful for my life sometimes, it might not be perfect, but at least i govern it.

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