2002-09-26, 3:49 p.m.,

It's absolutely unreal how horrible today is. not only am i sick, but i forced myself to go outside today because its absolutely gorgeous out and the sun is shining and its so warm....so i decided to do somethin gusefull today and took a load of laundry downstairs. Our laundry is a separate little building behind our flat and while out there I heard this little jingling noise (which could have been the wind blowing anything)but sounded a great deal like the noise our dogs collar and ID tags make when he runs. I thought to myself "i wonder if I didn't completely close the back door if the dog would run down 3 flights of stairs to follow me?" So i looked outside of the bulding and didnt see him and thought nothing else of it. When i returned upstairs the door was indeed cracked open and i called out to the dog, to find him ...yep, gone. So i take his lead, fighting off the nausea of my flu and ventured outside to find him. Luckily the thing ran out the front door (so i'm not sure if i actually heard him at all to begin with) and ran straight up to our neighbors daughter who was outdoors. I walked out to find her petting him laughing.....damn dog.

Then i get upstair and go to trow away these fowers that have long since withered and as i was pushing them into the trash my finger scraped against the tin lid of a dog food can and cut it open enough for me to bleed halfway across the kitchen.....it's nearly 4 p.m. i think i should call it a day and go to bed now, it's obviously not going to get better.

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