2002-09-27, 3:18 p.m.,

I had big plans to go out and take photos at the cemetery...then I got sick. Bah! Nothing ever works out the way I try to plan it. Maybe I should just never plan things at all and continue my pattern of spontaneity, that seems to be the only time anything gets done with me.

I was feverishly reading my bok last night until I cam to a part which literally felt like a slap in the face. I can't believe how much this chic's book effect me , but i've put it down and i'm not reading it for awhile until I can get over being pissed off at it. Hmm..maybe i need some fresh air, all ths being cooped up inside can't be healthy. But I did manage to each raisin toast when i woke up about 6 hours ago and kept it down (that's good) but I'm still a bit skeptical about eating anything else yet.

My life is tragically boring lately.....I've really got to remedy this.

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