2002-10-01, 10:20 a.m.,

I'm on a mission to find as many copies of Tipping the Velvet I can and horde them all....make them all mine. No, seriously i'd just like to mail them out to a few people. I love giving books, good books to people I know will enjoy them.

We have this girl from Tasmania who is coming to Sydney for the Gay Games In November staying with us for a few days....(I think) she was emailing us for awhile and now she's stopped and we aren't sure if she's still coming here..... which leaves the dilemma that if she says she isn't coming do we tell the people that someone else can stay here in her place or do we just say "nah...forget it."

Maxie and I decided to sponsor this little girl through World Vision, kinda like the CHristian Children's fund, only they don't make the kids change religion in order to attend school. We just kinda thought it was a good thing to do. She's from Zimbabwe and her name is Sarudzai. We call her "Jill." Yay! Look at us doing all kinds of good things for the world. And to top it all off tomorrow is my children's hospital day. The weird thing is that when we signed up for Jill, the lady says to us "you know the money doesnt go directly to the child that it actually goes into the community. So really? why do they give you a picture of a little african kid? hmmmm..... i dunno the concept is a bit strange for me, yes i understand the good in setting up schools, building a clean drinking well, etc. It just seems like a weird set up to me. Like these people go to these villages and say to them "ok let us take pictures of your cute kids and send them out to countries that have a better economy and they will send you money because you have children that they will pity and they will write your kid letters and send the village money. I dunno. I'm sure it's a lovely thing they are doing, it's just an odd concept to me.....

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