2002-10-04, 9:44 a.m.,

I'm having a really weird morning where nothing seems to be working out the way I want it to. Grr.... Now, i'm trying to go in and read the diaries I normally do and every page i click on I get a dumb error message. Is it my computer? Its seems every webpage I click on, diaryland or not is doing the same thing. Anyway.

I have these weird dreams. I know i've posted one of two of them in here before, but they are dream essentially where someone dies or has already died and said person tells me about their death. I've probably had 50 of these dreams in my lifetime and i always wake up remembering them very clearly. Things like names numbers. I'm sometimes tempted to write them down in a journal or something, but really then what would it get me? A collection of names, and numbers that may or may not be people who are dead? Really it's just weird.

Anyway, I had another one this morning. This woman named Peggy was at her wondow and telling me that she saw a suspicios man walk into her neighbors house. There was a lot of noise so she looked out her wondow and wrote down things on a piece of paper which happend to be her daughter's math homework. She wrote down the make and model of the guys car, the license plate number, decription of the guy, etc. And as the guy walked out of the house, he saw her standing at the window, looking out at his car and killed her aas well. The point of the dream is that she told me that no one knew she wrote down the details because she couldnt find a pen, and was afraid that the car would drive away before she could fnd one, so she took her earing off and scratched the information onto the paper. So that if one were to look at the paper they wouldnt see it unless they took pencil and shaded over it or something. She told me her neighbor's name was Kelly. And the dream was just full of numbers....all 3 -digit. 114, 676, and 067. wonder what they mean? This stuff drives me mad.

So I'm left to wonder if I have an over active imagination while dreaming or if these are more than that. Perhaps I shoudl start writing some murder mystery fiction. Or maybe I watch too much Law and Order before bedtime.

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