2002-10-07, 10:43 a.m.,

I forgot to mention this in my diary a few days ago when it happend, but it was pretty funny at the time. Maxie and I went into the rental company to work out everything we needed for the ceremony and the lady, after about 45 minutes of talking with us, asks: "What sort of party is this for?" so we tell her a wedding and she asks "Oh, which of you is getting married?" so we say "it's our wedding, both of us." and she briefly pauses and says "Well, you two must be very good friends." Um...yeah, we are. I wonder if after awhile it dawned on her that we weren't holding 2 weddings for each of us....dunno.

Sleaze Ball was a lot of fun, and I had an excuse to wear my corset again. ALthough there were a good many things there that made it sleaze appropriate, we managed to drink a lot, dance a lot and come home at 3 am, which is always a sign of a big night. Slept in on Sunday... Can't wait for Vanuatu.

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