2002-10-08, 12:13 p.m.,

(Reader Alert* Will be shifting into I'm an Ungrateful Bitch Mode for this entry*)

So on Saturday I get this phone call from my mother saying that my Aunt who lives in Florida mailed maxie and I a parcel and apparently paid a fortune to have it delivered international 3 day delivery and was in a near panic because it had been a week and we hadn't recieved it.

Let me just say here that quite awhile back when Maxie and I were in Melboure her keys were lost and on it, our only mailbox key. Fortunately for us, the mailman doesny push the mail all the way down into the box and it can be taked out without unlocking the box. Unless of course a delivery postcard is slid in, then it sits at the bottom easily unnoticed. So I went down and there it was, the delivery postcard, resting quietly for a week. Well, monday being a holiday, we had to wait until today (tuesday) to get the thing.

Now, the parcel is from my Aunt, who has spent the bulk of her time watching me grow up through photos mailed from my mother and has seen me maybe a few days every 3 years when she flies up to my parents house. Now that i'm living overseas, its been quite awhile since we've seen each other. So although i love her dearly, we aren't really closely connected and she probably doesnt know a great deal about my life other than whats told to her through family conversations.

Anyway, The parcel, sent as a "Congrats on your ceremony" kinda thing, was a box of cookies, 2 dozen of them. Here's the catch: Last christmas, when Maxie was in the states with me, my mother tooka picture of the two of us when it was snowing outside and my mom sent a few of my family members the picture becaus eshe wanted them to see maxine and all that good stuff. Well the photo has been printed on top of these round sugar-like cookies. The photo printed in what i believe is supposed to be a smooth hard frosting. They are each individually tied up in little plastic bags with ribbons, apparently as some sort of favour to use at our ceremony.

They are quite possibly the most frightening things I've ever encountered. I just don't see us saying "hi, thanks so much for coming, please eat a cookie with our faces on it."

So i try one: And they have a bizarre sweet-cardboard taste. The best part is that when you hold them, where ever your fingers touch the frosting on top, it makes the (ink?--do they use ink?) run and turns your fingers this weird shade of blue-grey.

So I sent the obligatory thank you note, telling her "I've never seen anything quite like them, and what a surprise they were." I also said that I couldn't wait for Maxine to come home from work so i could show them to her (all of which is entirely the truth.)

I'm just not sure what made her look at them and say "that's the perfect wedding gift." I realize it's the thought that counts and sadly, she spent a fortune on these things mailing them overseas; I'm being really ungrateful and probably a bitch about it. Clearly, I don't deserve the cookies....perhaps they should go to someone more appreciative. Oh wait, have I mentioned the best part? They come with a few plastic easels to stand them up and display the, for the complete ego trip. Wanna them for yourself? www.party-photo-favors.com

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