2002-10-09, 10:17 a.m.,

Ever have these moments when you stop and say to yourself "I'm on the edge of a major life event, why am I not freaking out?" hmmm...yeah, I'm doing that today. I've got plenty to keep my busy running around and making sure everything is all ready to go, but every once in a while i think to myself "Saturday is it, it's so close." and everyone is asking me if I'm really stressed and freaking out, but no I'm not. I'm more excited than anything. Strange.......

Now, what to do with these cookies. I've decided they must be shared, because there's so much humour in them that it has to be done. We aren't handing them out as a free for all at the wedding, but a few lucky guests, oh yes, will find themselves with a narcissistic token of our love. Oh the joy should overfill them.

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