2002-10-21, 6:34 p.m.,


So much to say so much to say...we're home, finally, after a long long week and I feel like i have so much to write about and I'm so very tired that the thought of going the it all simply exhausts me. So maybe I'll save all my topics for another day.

Wow am I glad we didnt go to Bali...seems like most of the people killed there were all Aussie tourists.

So lets star where we left off. The ceremony, yes... afew bumpy parts before it was all over, a few scares (like the caterers telling us the day before that they decided they can't do it anymore) long story not worth going into, but I plan on raising holy hell about it now that i have the time to throw a tantrum. Gabrielle darling to the rescue, she set it all up and like magic, we had food for everyone. And it was way better than what we would have ended up with originally. So things work out. Other than that, ceremony went beautifully. She looked absolutely amazing (as always) but as long as I live i'll never ever forget what she looked like (I'm being terribly sappy i know.)

Some of my family watched the ceremony via webcam, ah yes, the miracle of technology. It made me feel a bit better about them all not being there. Francis darling, you are a true gem for thinking up that one.

It's sappy and mushy, but it felt so good having all our friends there and just having them all so happy and supportive of us. I'm really blessed to have a great group of people around us.

Anyway....Me being completely exhausted I'll wait until tomorrow to tell all my Vanuatu stories, and oh there are many, dear readers...many.....

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