2002-10-24, 3:07 p.m.,

I'm having a bit of a grumpy day I think, I dunno, maybe not. It's a weird mood I can't really describe. I had what felt like a marathon talk with a friend of mine on IM this morning and suddenly she sees me as this source of good relationship advice, asking what to do about her life and her girlfriend, etc. I wonder if I just come off as knowing what makes a good realtionship. Clearly I'm not that spectacular at it. It's just that this time it works, because I wanted t to so badly and because I can't let it not work. I've made my hefty share of dumb relationship mistakes, trust me.

Anyway, so we picked up the girl that'll be staying with us for 2 weeks for the Gay Games. The tasmanian chic. She gets here and basically right away calls up her ex girlfriend for a night out with her. Immediately bashing her current girlfriend to the ex on the phone. I dunno, it's a bit sad to see how people can do that so easily. But it's really not my business. She left a bit ago, informing me when i gave her the spare key that she may not make it home tonight. Hmm...I just wonder if I were to go stay with an ex, so far away and spend the night with her, how calmly would maxie take it? It's just shadey. Even with the best intentions, it's a bit shadey.

And hardly anyone has been diary posting anymore and certain others have moved their diaries away. bah, i didnt want to read them anyway. I'm getting a bit homesick lately. I've been think about Anie alot, I really miss spending time with her. I know I should call, I know....I know....but she should call too.

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