2002-10-27, 11:47 a.m.,

I don't really know what to say.... It was pointed out to me a few days ago that poems from the writing board (although not many of mine) were plagerized under the name of someone i really liked, kinda would call a friend in (i've been talking to you online for what seems like forever, although I've never met you) kinda way. Anyway, I feel really cheated and although it's being worked out and the posts are all coming off the boards, I kinda feel like I've lost a friend (as I'm sure the person will never talk to me again.) I really don't care as much that they were taken- I do care, it's just that I guess i'm hurt more by the fact that it was this person specifically.

Thing is, it wasnt my discovery, it was told to maxie by someone else on the board. But I went to the website (Spyder's) and asked for the IP address to assure they were the same person before it all went sour. Next thing I know, Spyder contacts Cab, throws all these warning messages up, everyone's cross-checking the boards and now, It seems I'm the bad guy who kicked someone off..

...and I kinda feel bad about it all.

realy i just wanted the posts to come down, i didnt set out to kick her off the board. Anyway..I guess I can understand why it was done.

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