2002-10-29, 8:48 p.m.,

I'm working nearly everyday this week, all long day shifts, which is both good and bad, good because i need the money and i'll have evenings off, bad cuz everyuthing in OZ closes at freaking 5 o'clock and I can't ever get anythign done. I just don't get it, what's the point? That's probably the only thing about living in the US I really really miss, stores that re open when people can actually go to them.

Meanwhile, we found out the lady on the first floor is moving out, which means we may be able to take her apartment. That gives us more room without paying way more money. But we've yet top see it and I got the impression from her it's like a family emergency or something that's forcing her to move and I didnt want to look like a vulture asking a million questions about her place and asking if we could come in and check it out. But I'm so so so keen to see it......

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