2002-11-05, 3:01 p.m.,

It seems that if I don't post for 2 or 3 days it feels like an eternity now.

A few nights ago I was watching something on television and they showed all these christmas ads and whatnot and I said (out loud of course, so that I could fully display my ignorance) "I can't believe they're starting to push all this christmas stuff when its still almost a month from thanksgiving." yeah, because Australians celebrate thanksgiving. Bec, the Tasmanian girl staying with us, ignored my dumb remark and simply said "well christmas is only 8 weeks away" OK, fair enough, but still, even though it's not a celebrated holiday here, I got screwed out of Haloween, I'm celebrating Thanksgiving. Maybe it's because I love to cook and I just want an excuse to stay home all day and cook, but I am. I'm celebrating it, dammit.

I'm really getting excited about planning this trip overseas in April. I'm really keen to get back home to my family. I don't know if I mentioned it in here or not, but a day before our ceremony, I got this package in the mail from my mom and she sent me this silver locket that has a picture of my dad in it. She wrote me a little note that said "Since we can't be there, you'd day and I thought it would still be a good idea to have him escort you at your wedding." I just cried like a huge baby. She's so lovely like that. The weird thing is that I was stressing over what sort of jewlwery to wear because i didnt buy anything specifically for the day. Yeah, so I wore it. And yesterday, i picked up a rool of film from the party. We've been so broke because we've been travelling so much that we're basically developing the film a roll or two at a time from both our trip to vanuatu and the party. These ones are great, now all I have to do is get to kinko's and scan some of these things.

Speaking of pictures, I added a few more to my photo album online, I want to make a link from here to get to them. They are really just family snapshots and the like. None of my "real" photos, like none of my work at all. I'm a bit paranoid, especially after recent events, about putting things like that online. My writing is one thing, but my photos...those I am publishing and displaying and I absolutely cannot risk having them taken and placed anywhere else. So for all the requests to put my work on there, sorry guys, I just can't do it. But that doesn't mean you won't ever see them. I really am working on the publishing thing. I just need to get all this Visa crap and such out of the way so that we have the time and money to put into bigger things like this.

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