2002-11-08, 1:00 p.m.,

I have so much to post about and I barely know where to start because inevitably this will end up being a super long post and I didnt want to make it so. Maybe I'll hold off and post some of the other stuff later on, but here goes:

There's a woman who comes into the cafe and is quite creepy. I know I may have mentioned her before, but she's well into her late 70's early 80's and I think is not only really lonely, but quite unstable. She's like a child in the respect that she'll start talking to you, actually asking an endless stream of questions to the point where you can't walk away from her. The funny thing is that I don't think she actually listens to your answer becuase she spends all her time thinking of the next question so you wont walk away and it keeps her in conversation. It's actually quite sad. But she drives the work staff mad, and usually harasses the patron of the cafe, Not to mention she has killer killer body odor and really crusty lips. I see her walk by outside and will her not to come in.....

Yesterday she comes in. "what's you're name? Do you work here? How much do you get paid? When do you work? What time do you get up int he morning? Do you sell cigarettes? Do you smoke? Are you married?" Endless.... Twice during her interogation my boss had to come over and say "Marcy, she's busy." or he'd call me over to get me away, but she'd keep getting up and finding me or grabbing my arm and pulling me over when i walked by.

Finally after I break away and manage to avoid the woman for the rest of her time there, she comes up to me as she's leaving and asks me if she paid for her coffee (let me insert here that she knows she did , because i stood there and watched her count it all out in 5 and 10 cent pieces while she fired an endless stream of questions at me.) I informed her that she had paid, said thank you and told her to have a good afternoon she looks at me and says "what kind of person are you?" I was really taken aback by it and didnt know how to answer....so I said " i hope a good person." she seemed satisfied and walked away. Now I'm a bit plagued by it....I feel quite bad for her really, and I know she's probably incredibly lonely.

So it's the philosophical question of the week. What kind of person am i? what kind of person are you? To illustrate it a bit further, last night we were watching television and there was a situation where a man had held a woman at gunpoint, robbed her and then as he was getting away, was hit by a car. Maxie, Bec (the girl staying with us) and I had a brief "What would you do?" chat. Bec said she'd get her stuff back, probably give him a kick to the head and run away. But I thought about it and I really think, i would get my things from him and wait there with him until help arrived because no matter who the person is, they are ultimately still human and situations like that just don't happen everyday. To me I'd look at that as a karmic test, and I'd stay. Because as they said in the show....he still has someone who cares about him and wouldn't want him left alone to die. Even Hitler had a girlfriend.

So yeah....what kind of person are you?

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