2002-11-11, 1:22 p.m.,

Maxie leaves tomorrow for Newcastle and will be gone overnight...boo...I have to spend the night here alone and it's never happend before. Hope i don't get freaked out.

I feel kind of blah because I haven't been swimming in such a long time (ok, a week) cuz I've been working and all and I really want to go. All I've been doing is sitting around eating Nutella by the spoonfull...its really bad, but it's somewhat replaced my chocolate cravings. It's weird because last time i went swimming I was thinking how Abby once told me that doing heroin for her was like being underwater, that absolute heavy silence on your ears. I couldnt stop thinking about that the last time i went. Weird how little fragments of conversations past just find that small pin hole in your memory and leak their way through.

On a totally different topic, I'm emailing the Noxema people (proctor and gamble) and begging them to bring noxema to aussie land, I'm running out and I can't keep bribing my family to send it.

And..we really need to plan our trip in January to New Zealand. Then in April, its maxie and I on our big world tour....yay!!!

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