2002-11-12, 9:42 a.m.,

Dear Gwen,

Thank you for contacting us at Procter & Gamble. Unfortunately, as you know,

Noxzema is not distributed or registered for sale at all in Australia, therefore

you will be unable to obtain it. We also do not do on-line or direct selling.

However, we will note your interest in this product, and forward your feedback

along to the marketing departments , so that they can look to perhaps bringing

it into the country in the future.

Kind Rgerdas


Australasian Consumer Relations


It's a conspiracy, the good folks at Procter and Gamble are desperately trying to keep me away from my Noxzema. *sigh* guess I must maintain my network of friends and relatives shipping it in the country.

Seems like all the wonderful people Maxie and I meet lately are all ao far away, like we make the greatest friends from a distance. Francis, Thea, both hours away, not to mention we met these really great girls here for the gay games and spent a few nights hanging out with them. They're from England. Yesterday I was online literally all day just chatting away to Art and she too, yup, in England. My dear Bennie and all my other "yankee" friends (although ben-wah will fiercely deny she's a yankee with that firey southern attitude) to an australian, everyone in the US is a yankee. So yeah...so far away. Why can't we meet great people close by....or else...everyone should just move here. And Bring Noxzema With You!!!!!!

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