2002-11-14, 4:44 p.m.,

Second entry today, but I forgot about this really great conversation I had with this English chic we met about a week ago with her girlfriend. They've both left sydney this morning after being here for a few weeks. But we were talking about all the things we still want to do in our lives and how we feel like there just isnt the time to do it. She was telling me how she and her girlfriend started seriously talking about having a child, but then they ecided that before they did that they wanted to come to australia. Now that they are travelling, they've realized that there is so many things they still want to do and she said to me "it just makes you feel like no matter what you'll never fit it in."

So what do I still want to do? What do I want to happen in my lifetime????

I want to publish a book of photos.

I want to take pictures of cemeteries in Prague.

I want the scar on the top of my right hand to fade away.

I want to take Maxine to New Orleans and show her how wonderful it is.

I want to go to Africa.

I want my mom to travel overseas.

I want friends that care as much about me as I do them.

I want to buy an older house and renovate the living hell out of it so that it'll look absolutely amazing and I'll know that I created it.

I want to know who I was to someone that will never be able to tell me.

Do I want children? Hmm...good question, some days yes, other days (like when I sleep in until 11 am on a saturday) i think that I'm far too selfish for them....

I want Maxine to be happy and feel loved more than anything. I want her to know that above anyone, she is and always will be my priority.

And.....i really wanna go on that damn ghost tour of sydney......

hehehe, had to end my list on a non-mushy upnote......

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