2002-11-19, 10:20 a.m.,

Ever get this song stuck in your head and then you become obsessed withit for days, maybe weeks until you hear it in it's completion, even then it may stay with you for quite awhile? Yes, well I'm suddenly obsessed with the U2 "Stay, Faraway So Close" Song, possibly because for days I've been denied. My cd has gone AWOL and yesterday I tried to download it and it wouldnt do the whole thing, today yes today i got it all...yay!

Yesterday Maxie and I were having this conversation about a friend of ours and the whole belief of "Everyone has a motive" came into the conversation. Today I get this email from a high school friend who i rarely talk to anymore (and only by email) and we were quite close in high school. Thing is she became preganant in our senior year and never went to uni and we really grew apart. Yes, so today i get an email (hi how are you, where have you been, when are you coming back to the states...etc.) then she says "my son is obsessed with the wiggles ( an aussie kids program) and she asks me to look around here for stuff because she wants to buy him stuff fro x-mas and is having a hard time finding it in the states and wanted me to bring it home with me if i was travelling home for x-mas. Indeed, everyone has a motive.

So speaking of obsessing I've hit a new low, I went to the used bookstore yesterday on my way walking to work and asked the woman to look for sarah waters books for me and to call me if she finds any and all of them and i'll coem get them. Why, when i already own them? because i want them all to give to people....its really obscene.

Two days off...what am I to do with myself? ...oh yes, I've made a list...

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