2002-11-25, 10:36 a.m.,

My job is killing me, literally. It seems all i do now is work nearly every evening and 12 hour weekend shifts, which means that i'm never home lately to spend time with maxie. This, clearly, upsets her and makes me feel so so shitty. When I do get home it's nearly midnight, I've literally been on my feet for 11 hours or so and i'm all achey and exhausted, after i get a shower so I dont smell like a cafe, it's after midnight and we both fall asleep. I never ever get much time just to spend with her lately. I'd leave and work somewhere else, but then theres that whole "working illegally thing" to get over. Bah, I just want my damn visa, haven't I earned it yet?

No matter what I try to do, i just havent been able to scan these damn photos. Maxie had her accident a few days ago (i'm sure everyone's read about it in her diary) and then the next day off i go...the place was gated up. The sign and hours claim they are open, but no....so off i wander into this scary place set up for a mass of 15 year old boys to play computer games and this guy scans and emails me my pictures. I've been waiting 3 days now to get them...bastard. I swear there's something working against me.

Anyway off to work again tonight, the minute maxie gets home from work, i'll see her for about 10 minutes in the car on the way there.....

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