2002-11-26, 11:36 p.m.,

Home from work.....the old man who owns the place offered to put me a cot in the pool room to nap on (he has one there but he's in the place from 7 am to 10 pm 7 days a week. I think its a bad sign.

I had a really upsetting dream about the death of my grandfather and I woke up crying this morning. When I called my mother and mentioned it, I found out she had one too. Strange.

Tomorrow and Thursday I have off...amazing huh? That means I get to go to the pool (which I havent done in like a week) and also cook thanksgiving dinner for my friends Suzy and her boyfriend Ali. But it's so hot here, baking will be a bit of a chore. Dinner on the balcony for sure!

I'm so psyched about our overseas trip in April back to the states (with a stopover in England) that I'm failing to pay attention to the overseas trip I must make in Jannuary, probably to New Zealand again.

I finally went and scanned those photos! Yay! So relatively soon, I'll add some of the wedding pics to the photo site and I now have plenty of my real photography,(my work, not family and friends snapshots.) Those however I must remain a bit guarded over. So upon request only folks.....

My life is really quite blah lately...nothing but work and sleep, work and sleep....

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