2002-11-28, 9:51 a.m.,

Today is Turkey Day! I'm going to be so so busy today. We went out and got so much in groceries for dinner tonight and I really want to clean the house up and of course, cook basically all day long.

So now that my work knows how much I really want and need time on the evenings and weekends to spend at home with maxie, its being used as leverage in bargaining for shifts. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this. My bosses girlfriend calls me last night and says basically..if i work what turns into about 55 hours in 5 days, I can have thursday through sunday off. Thing is, anything over 40 hours in the US is overtime isnt it? hmm...doubt i'll be seeing that. I hate being illegal so much.

I was reading in the news how like 125 people were given visas in the US before anyone realized they were on the terrorist watch list. And I cant even get one to get a decent job in australia. Sheesh, maybe i'm in the wrong line of work, seems like terrorists get all the bonuses lately. So yes, Cafe work for me starting tomorrow and marathoning through, hoping my wife is still there when it's all over and she hasn't sent my yankee ass packing back to NY........

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