2002-12-01, 11:34 p.m.,

And here we pause. Deep breath in... and begin again.

This wek seems to be an endless strean of going going going. I really feel like I've forgotten myself lately. Wake up in the morning and as soon as I enter those doors autopiolot switches on and I go. I noticed today that I don't stop to double check myself anymore. I reach for things out of habit before I realize what I've picked up, but yet its always the object I needed next.

I can't wait to buy my life back with that visa application. Isn't it an even trade? 1500 dollars and nearly 18 months of stress and "paying my dues" in overseas travel and emotional distress fo a little piece of paper that says I'm finally alowed to live here and work?

*sigh* And we keep reminding ourselves what this is for.......

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