2002-12-06, 9:44 a.m.,

So I made it...I can't believe I did...Now I finally get a weekend off to stay at home and spend time with my love.

So I've been thinking that I'd like to re-write this thing I worte a long time ago about abby. It wasnt a book really, just more like a recollection of things that my therapist suggested I do (Gasp) yes, after she died, I went to see a therapist for depression for a few months. Actually he was quite helpful, but that's beside the point. (yes...a conversation for another day...) I was thinking how I might like to actually turn it into a book. The trouble is I'm not entirely sure how comfy that would be writing a book that's the truth and having people read it that are close to me. Would it make them uncomfy to read things about an old girlfriend? read about things I've done that arent at all like the way they may see me. I dunno, its a toughie.

Anyway.....engagement party for gab and john this weekend and I should start looking into finding someplace lovely for us to stay while we are in New Zealand as well.

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