2002-12-17, 10:21 a.m.,

So today I begin getting back into shape, no more of this eating really unhealthy foods after my work shift at 11 p.m. then being in bed not much after that, no more nutella staright from the jar (well, maybe as a treat.) And I must get back into swimming as regularly as I used to.

So let's see....

Christmas Presents Sent home (check)

Cards in the mail to the 5 people I actually sent them to (check)

Yay, looks like I'm on my way here. I was having another benevolent day today and thought i would make christmas cookies and leave them for the neighbors. Mostly because they talk to me all the time and I'm fairly certain they don't know my name and are afraid to ask. Hmm...but yes, dear readers we all know what happend the last time I was in a charitable mood. We ended up having a girl live with us for two weeks and she drove us mad.

I thought of making little apartment numbers for people's flats (cuz there's only 6 in the building) and our and only 1 other actually has a number. We found this really cute ceramic #4 in New Zealnd last time and brought it home for our place. Maybe i'm being too ambitious and should stick with cookies.

Yesterday it was over 30 degrees celcius. I'm slowly getting used to the whole metric system and differnt measurements. 30 degrees is at least 100 back home...bloody hot here.

One month from today and we leave for Wellington, NZ....

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