2002-12-19, 10:15 a.m.,

I can't believe I forgot to mention that Marcy (the weird old lady who asked me what kind of person I am) came back into the cafe a few days ago.

So she waltzes in fists full of rosary beads, like at minumum 6 strands. She's wearing this (and forgive me because non-aussies may not understand what I mean)but she's wearing this melbourne cup style hat. This huge white straw-ish hat with white beads and huge white feathers,a white veil that comes over the face and all. We're talking the works here. Its just me and one other girl in the cafe part of the place at the time as so I call out to her "Have a seat marcy and we'll bring your coffee out." because who can forget what the crazy lady orders right? One flat white. She then procedes to look at Nicole (the other girl and hold her finger up to her lips telling her to shh...) Nicole looks at me with this (What the???) expression and I just quietly explain to her who the woman is and warn her about conversation with the woman. As Nicole takes her the cofee, Marcy stops her and asks "Are you girls angels?" To which Nicole smiles, laughs and says "We sure are." Marcy, looking terribly confused then places her fingers to her lips, shushing her again and saying "Angels don't talk." And she drank her cofee and she was off.....

This lady must be someone's grandmother...wonder if they know she just wanders around this this. It's quite sad really.....

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