2003-01-02, 11:04 a.m.,

I haven't postedi n a few days, been so busy lately. It's amazingly nice having Maxie home on holidays from work, I think we could live this way forever. Staying up until 2-3 in the morning every morning, then sleeping in until 11. *Sigh* What a life.

So still no sign of the parcel from my family. Yes, its been over a month now and i'm fairly certain its sitting, like the toys int he cartoon "Rudolph the red nosed reindeer" in the Land of Misfit Toys...there's my parcel in a large room of boxes that have broken open because the posties play football with them and all the contents have spilled out and broken and there's nothing to deliver but an empty crushed box.

And yes, I know the whole point of christmas isnt the gifts, but when you're so far away from home, even just a letter or a postcard from someone makes a huge impact on your day. Blah!! Anyway...so no christmas presents from my family this year as some postman is enjoying them.

New Year...2003. This year I'm really expecting lots from myself. 2002 (which I knew woul dbe my best year ever because its a palindrome and I love palindromes. ANd it was, I moved to Oz, and married, traveled to New Zealand and Vanuatu, back to the states..can it get better? 2003 will be my visa year and all...yay! Plus I must go home soon, before the summer ends in the US. Must must must.

And..i really need to get back on my regular sleeping schedule as I have to work all bloody weekend and I need to get up earlier than what we've been doing!

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