2003-01-04, 12:26 a.m.,

I've becoming really involved in writing lately and I feel so much better for it. Not poems or short stories, but I've actually got around to compiling all the things I've written about Abby into some sort of format. I feel really good about it as well. So day 3 into the New Year and this year I really have so much I'd like to accomplish for myself. Living outside the US, I realize now how sheltered I really was to things like world news and history of people and places outside the US. Sure we get taught European History a bit in school growing up, but its always history as it related to something that was going on int he US.

I love it when I go through phases like this, I cant stop researching, can't stop writing and reading about anything and everything. I get so proud of myself. Staying up until the wee hours of the a.m. at the desk in our "study/music room" drinking tea and typing away or reading insatiably.

The parcel still isnt here, I've given up.......

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