2003-01-06, 10:29 a.m.,

My sleeping pattern is really messed up lately. I get up in the morning soo tired because I've stayed up so late the evening before. Each night I have every intention of going to bed at a reasonable hour, then around midnight, my mind switches on and I cant shut it off. So for the last few nights I've been working a great deal on the book i'm writing about Abby. Strangely enough, I havent been as reserved as I imagined myself to be about letting people read it.

I was thinking yesterday about Beth and Gian, friends I had through University for quite some time. They married and then discovered that beth couldn't have children. She had an insanely low egg ratio and couldnt conceive very easily. They asked me one day, as we were so close, to possibly be willing to donate eggs for her so she could become pregnant. I went through the testing for it, just to see and found out it wouldnt work as easily as hoped. When I moved away, they carried on about how much they'd miss me and how I was basically their family. I've been here in oz a year now, havent heard from either of them once. Funny that.

Still no parcel, fucking posties,....

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