2003-01-08, 10:57 a.m.,

"Hi wen, I was just sitting here thinking about you. Nothing special...just thinking about you..I'm really proud of you wen. I think that you're a very talented and gifted person.(You're pretty too!)I just thought that I would tell you that out of all the kids in the world..I'm glad you're mine!!Love you..MOM"

See what I wake up to in the mornings and find in my email? I am a lucky girl, my mama loves me.

Seems that the past few days I've been posting a storm in here. Thats ok though.

i had a nice long chat with my mom this morning after i woke up and found her email. We talked about my sister. Let me just fill in a quick background here on Sarah (my sister.) She's a beautiful girl with a really spcial and genuine sense of humour. He weakness...men, terrible ones that typically have troubles such as gambling and alcohol addiction. (Aidan's father being just that.) So she's had this endless stream of boyfrineds that treat her horribly.

She's recently moved into a new place with the baby (as she's now a single mom at 22.)There's a single fathe rwho lives int he apartment below her and while they've been neighborly enough, they arent necessarily friends. A few days ago, after working and endless week of 14 hour shifts she just kinda lost it. One of those days when your tired, you have a baby to care for, nothing is what you planned it to be and my mom said she just kinda had a really good cry, about the time the neighbor from downstairs came up for something. To make a long story short, they spent about 3 hours talking and he seems like a really nice guy. Then he tells her that he's a recovering alcoholic, hasnt drank in a few years, which is what broke up his marriage.

Now, I have this friend (you know who you are) that I think too often worries that telling people that you have that kind of past sends people screaming for the door. I think sometimes he worries that girls will find fault in that and rethink dating them, but i have to say that its not at all the truth. The guy seems to be exactly what my sister needs and I'd be far comfier with her dating a guy like that, especially if they ahve children involved. So hey (and you know who you are) some people (my mother and I for instance) think that it takes a great deal of courage, strength and will power to be that kind of person and its a very admirable thing. So dont think it makes you lesser of a person, and I MEAN IT!.

Yes, so that said, my mother is having all these lovely plans for the two of them to get married and all that she gets carried away sometimes.But I love her.

One the homefront, this morning I went into our other room and found a empty can of tuna on the floor (the one we threw out after making salad last night.) I picked it up and noticed about 30 sets of teeth marks punctured through the metal. Its unreal...wonder what happend, perhaps our dog could explain.

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