2003-01-09, 10:09 a.m.,

You have to give some people credit for being creative when you simply just don't want to. I'm not sure how or why, but every once in awhile I'll open up my email to be bombarded with emails advertising porn sites. I'm sure you all have had some grace your email account at one time or another. Or, even better yet, I get ones for penis enlargements (um.....???) Today my friends, the industry has sunk to a new low and they are using people's guestbooks to do so. This morning in my email I received a "someone signed your guestbook" email, so off I clicked to see who could have left me a little note. The note reads "hey" or "hello" or something like that, giving a name, email and Homepage of a person I don't know, So curiosity gets to me and I click on the homepage wondering what new person has taken an interest reading my sorry sorry assed diary, only to find the link is in fact...oh yes folks, a porn site.

So Valerie (i think thats her name...) thanks for making my guestbook a source for one and all to link up to "Nasty Hot Teens", I'm sure all my readers thank you as well....

Does anyone know how to delete guestbook entries?

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