2003-01-13, 10:01 a.m.,

I'd just like to take up this space in my diary, (along with the other few posts of this nature)to sing the praises of the woman I married.

Last night as I was slowing drifting to sleep I thought about how well she puts up with my insane and hectic work schedule. A schedule with 90 percent of the time will fall on an evening or weeknd, cutting into our "us" time. Notonly does she handle it well when I have to work a full weekend solid, barely having any time to do anything with her while she's home on her free time, does cheerfully comes to pick me up after my shift is over rather than letting me catch the bus. I'm always greeted with a kiss and never a frown.

She challenges me, makes me laugh everyday, knows my sense of humour better than anyone. Just a few evenings ago, we both nearly dies laughing over the title of a newsletter called the "Mainstream Alternative Newsletter." I'm not so sure anyone else would find this quite as humourous as we did.

Lately, as we've both been busy writing our respective pieces, we've spent so much time bouncing ideas off each other, creating characters and plotlines for stories. Literally sitting up until the wee hours of the morning, just getting so excited and enthusiastic about sharing ideas. She critques my writing, REAL critques and has no fear of telling me when something doesnt make sense or telling me how I can improve that something.

This weekend, for god knows what reason I began having really horrible tummy pains at nearly 11 p.m. without hesitation, she hopped in the car (in the rain) and drove down the street to the late night grocery store to get my something to make it feel better.

She makes me laugh, laugh everyday. Last night I sleepily was chatting with her and said unsensitive to which she responded "oh right, we say insensitive in English." of course I playfully kicked her, but it was terribly funny anyway.

She loves me, she understands me, she puts up with me, all the time. And all this was just this weekend and within the small amount of time that I did get to spend with her. I can't wait to go to wellington on friday, I can't wait for her birthday next tuesday. Hopefully she'll be surprised when she sees what I have planned.

I told her last night I was going to do this entry, we joked about both of us doing them on each other.....although i think i'm taking a milder approach on something I'm sure she's started on, we'll see how it goes.

Would I marry her again, three months later? I'd marry her everyday if I could.

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