2003-01-14, 10:05 a.m.,

I really hate diaryland sometimes. Itís always when I get some post of a considerable length or of any type of substance that just as Iím about to hit the button saying itís ok to post, it disappears. I really really get upset about that.

So I had this substantial sized post and now I feel like its a waste to type it all up again because surely this time itíll lack the passion it had the initial time. Bastards!

So yes, lets seeÖ.What I was saying before I was so graciously discarded from y own bloody diary is that just two days ago I was lying in bed telling my love how I was a bit bummed out because I was feeling quite disconnected from my family and friends. That I didnít receive many phone calls or letters from home and that fucking parcel is still MIA. Sure I get emails and such, but thereís a difference between an email and a REAL letter, call me old fashioned, but thereís just so much more personal warmth in a real letter. Yesterday I was treated to a letter, a real one with extra things included from my dear sweet Bennie gal. It really made me smile. Then, later that evening (last night) I was online and Anie came on. In the years and years Iíve known her, this has never happened. I have never ever ever seen her online and there she shows up, just like that. WE talked very briefly and she actually made an appointment with me to call here. Sheís hysterical. Mostly because sheís so terribly forgetful, but also because we both work really odd times and the time difference between here and NY (16 hours) makes it nearly impossible to have a conversation when the other one isnít sound asleep. So in about 45 minutes I finally get to talk to her. YAY!!! However, I must also mentally prepare myself because all too often she bails out, thereís always something that comes up at the last minute to bump me. Keeping my fingers crossed because she keeps saying she has so much to talk to me about and I miss her voice. Just when I thought no one loved me.

I had a bunch of other things posted before I was jilted, but now Iíve grown tired of repeating myself. Maybe another dayÖÖ..

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