2003-01-15, 10:41 a.m.,

I’ve just developed a bunch more pictures that I promise I’ll have in my photo section soon. I know it’s been awhile since I’ve added any. But yes, I’ve got a few to add from the wedding and New years and a bunch of other things, the trouble is that I just need to get them scanned…hmm… not telling how long that could take, but I swear I’m on it. Although I have to say that we leave for New Zealand in less than two days and I haven’t begun to pack or do much of anything yet, so I can safely say they won’t appear until we return on the 21st. (My darling’s b-day.)

I had this really disturbing dream last night. Actually, we both had some really freaky dreams. Perhaps (and here’s my theory) we were a bit too indulgent before bedtime. We made dinner, watched an old movie, drank wine, smoked a bit (Hmmmm….it could’ve been that) and had chocolate cake to cure our munchies.

Anyway, the dream, yes…I had this dream that my sister and I went into this building, which was suppose to be our house, but it clearly was something more along the lines of a school gymnasium. Everything was one huge open room and there were beds everywhere, but all of them were partitioned off for like different families to live in. Like each family had their own little square where they placed a few beds and lived. Anyway, we weer confused because we couldn’t find our family and there was no one in the place, so my sister and I are wandering around looking at each one trying to determine which belongs to our family. Then we get to one (and I can’t remember why) but suddenly we knew it was theirs. Then my sister screams and I walk over and she points under the bed and lined up under the bed are 5 bodies side by side wrapped in brown packaging paper. Now, how 5 fit under the bed side by side, I dunno, and how we knew they were our family members I dunno, it’s a dream and therefore doesn’t have to make sense. Weird thing, is that there are 5 in our family, well 6 now including little Aidan (my nephew) and if you’d ask my mom she’d say there were 7 (including my Maxie.) But two of us (my sis and I) were standing there. So does that include the 2 added extra family members my family has just gained? Like everyone important to me? I dunno, I’m over thinking. Anyway, I woke up a bit freaked out. Then when I fell back asleep I had this dream I was in an airport with Maxie and we were going to Japan (??) and for some reason we were separated and I had to get onto this bus to get to the right terminal and she was there waiting, but had both of our tickets with her and I needed my ticket to get on the transfer bus. So I’m panicking, trying to figure out how to get in touch with her or even find her for that matter before our flight leaves. Then I wake up and Maxie tells me that she too just had a dream that she went somewhere and came back and I was gone. Weird…

Anyway, if anyone’s up for translating, because I’m not sure my dream dictionary has an entry for bodies wrapped in brown paper under beds… I’m up for interpretation.

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