2003-01-22, 10:05 a.m.,

I can’t remember when I last played my violin. It’s been too long I think. So many things I wish I could do all at once, but it seems that my attention span focuses on one thing and just that one thing and lets everything else curl deeper under the blanket and pull it over their head. For example, right now I’ve been so caught up in writing this book that I haven’t gone swimming in close to a month and I’ve been reading the same bloody book for a month (well it is a big book, but yeah, it should be done by now.) No violin, no photography. It’s really quite lame. A few weeks ago I had this dream that I was painting this picture and I woke up with the picture still so vivid in my mind that I thought for awhile I might give it a go, but it seems when I get involved with something everything else takes a back seat.

Yesterday was my darling lover’s birthday and I absolutely wore myself out, but had so much fun doing it. I had it all set up. She came home from work to find a helium balloon with a birthday card dangling from the string at the front door, once inside there was a gold balloon with a CD she wanted on its string. Next, at our bedroom door I made this huge decorated sign reading “happy birthday” and when she opened the bedroom door our room was filled with over one hundred helium balloons. And our bed had balloons all over it as well (one I blew up and my mouth was so tired.) On our bed amongst the balloons was a Bret Whitely print she’s wanted for quite some time. I think she was surprised.

When I was a child on our birthday’s my mother used to bake these cupcakes inside ice cream cones. She’d fill the cone up with cake batter and bake them, then frost them so they looked like ice cream cones. They were the coolest thing about birthdays as a child and me being the oldest 5 year old I know, decided it would be so much fun to make these for Maxie for her b-day. So I try. Try. They turned out well enough I guess, but I just remember my mom’s looking so much better. Hmmm… maybe it’s just a faulty childhood memory. Anyway, we have a huge amount of these things standing up on a shelf in the fridge, decorated in multicoloured sprinkles and multicoloured cake. I even used food colouring to make the cake itself, green, blue, yellow, etc. Anyway, back to work tonight, it was fun while it lasted.

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