2003-01-23, 9:51 a.m.,

Half filled helium balloons all over the house, they're everywhere. I really should have thought of that in advance. What does one do now with a hundred and some balloons....

I'm having a small crisis. More of a moral one really. As i work on this story and it gets more and more personal and begins to involve people that are still very much a part of my life, i begin to wonder. Perhaps this is really presumptuous on my part, but i'd like to publish it at some point and the feelings of the people I care about should still remain protected, but yeah,...how much can i change, or am i willing to change to keep it as real as i can. And by changing it, do I ruin the story? I was chatting to a friend about this briefly online this morning and she had the same trouble with something she'd written as well, never ending up publishing it. So on one hand i'd like to think that I wouldnt go to all the trouble of writing something i'll never be willing to have published. But then again, i'm not writing the story solely for that purpose, not this one alyway because its so personal and really kinda theraputic to write. Tough call, certainly I'll market it as fiction, but is that enough?

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