2003-01-28, 9:19 a.m.,

I worked all weekend long and this week my darling wife and I will get no breaks as she has things to do in the evenings literally on the exact opposite nights I do. One day I'll have that visa and be able to plan a real life.

My uncle died yesterday, i really barely knew him and he was in his 70's, so this isnt really affecting me all that much, i just feel bad for my aunt who is still quite yound (40's.)Anyway, enough about death....

Our bedroom window faces the sidewalk and throughout the night there's the continual noise of cars going by and people walking by. When I first moved here I heard it all the time, now it's rather conforting. When we were in Vanuatu and all we could hear at night was the ocean and the chirping things outside, we both would lie in bed and go "its so quiet out there." It's summer here and lately we've been cracking the windows to let a bit of a breeze into the room. At one point this weekend we were making love and I could hear the people walking below us on the street talking and I had to laugh because it like people just walk down the street involved in conversations or arguements never knowing what goes on just a few feet above them. Wonder what goes on around me when I just walk down the street.... I dunno random thought.

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